Play two player games online for free and compete in multiplayer mode. Many of the brand BestAllGames puzzles are casual multiplayer games.  If you manage to complete the level before your opponent, you get bonus score. It might me either equal your rival's level score or get your score doubled.

However, if you prefer real-time 2 player games online, these might not be an option. It's a so-called delayed multiplayer, where you play against a random record of another person trying to pass the same level, which happened previously. On the other hand, Skydom features real-time Match 3 battles with other fans of puzzle games. Among the best board games to play with real players are Rummikub and Just Words. The latter is a Word game for two players similar to Scrabble online puzzle. If you wish to see 2 player chess games on our site, or any of the card games with real-time, please, let us know. We value your feedback and will try to release such titles as soon as possible.